Queen City Klezmorim

Queen City Klezmorim is a Cincinnati-based Klezmer band specializing in traditional Klezmer and Yiddish music.  Our members are experienced musicians who all share the passion for the traditions and legacy of Yiddish culture and history.

Klezmer music is the “soul music” of the Jewish people. The original Klezmer musicians traveled from shtetl to shtetl, performing at Jewish weddings in the early 18th century. Over decades and centuries, it evolved into a sophisticated musical tradition that is highly emotional and exuberant, and Klezmer and Yiddish dance tunes, love songs, drinking songs, wedding processionals, and liturgical melodies flourished in Jewish communities throughout Eastern Europe. Though it nearly died out a generation ago, it is today undergoing an international renaissance, widely acclaimed and celebrated by Jewish and non-Jewish music-lovers alike. When played slowly, it makes you want to cry; when played up tempo, the urge to dance is irresistible.

Our members include Hirsh J. Cohen (tuba and double bass), Claire Lee (keyboard and flute), Jerald Kay (percussion), Gayna Bassin (violin) and Laura Sabo (clarinet).

These are some of our favorite Klezmer melodies:

Arab Tants, Baym Rebn in Palestine Hora, Di Mame Iz Gegangen, Dire Gelt, Drey Dreydleh, Nifty’s Freyleks, Freilechs von der Chuppe, Freilach No. 3, 4, 5, Der Rebe Elimelech, The Happy Nigun, Kandel’s Hora, Keshenever Bulgar, Khusidl, Lebedik Freylach, Mayim, Nakht in Gan Eden, Naftule’s Freylekhs, Odessa Bulgar, Od Y'shama, Osay Shalom, Ot Azoy, Papirosn, Russian Sher Medley, Sherele, Sid’s Freylekhs, Skotshne, Tish Nigun, Tsena Tsena, Zemer Atik, and, of course, everyone's favorite, Hava Nagila!

See us in action on Youtube!

From a concert on October 25, 2015 at Cedar Village Retirement Community, in memory of Bess Paper.